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International award winning magician, Jad is a versatile performer with skills in close up magic, stage magic and grand illusions.

For over 10 years he has developed and mastered a unique style of magic charming audiences worldwide.

As a winner of several magic competitions Jad has been featured on many television networks performing his award winning acts.

Trained in the most prestigious magic school in the world : “McBride Magic and Mystery School” in Las Vegas, Jad is respected by his teachers and peers.

Jad’s magic gives people an interactive experience that leaves them with a feeling of wonder and astonishment. As a multilingual performer Jad’s magic transcends languages barriers allowing him to delights and amaze audiences worldwide.

From private parties and company events to large theaters across Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East, audience are captivated by the sensational magic of Jad.

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