Corporate Events


If you are looking for a dynamic and original animation for your corporate event, close up magic is THE ENTERTAINMENT that you should chose.

Magic is above all a great communication tool to share memorable emotions with people.

Imagine the magical impact on your employees and partners when they see magic revolve around your business.

Jad will present spectacular and original magic acts, based both on very visual effects and on audience participation.

Personalized tricks could be built to highlight the image of your company.

If you want to impress, mark and offer real magical moments through a spectacular and interactive entertainment, Jad’s close up magic is the best option to chose for your company event.

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Corporate Events


You can now bring Jad’s award-winning stage magic right to your next corporate gathering. You will be mystified and entertained during a 30 to 40-minute show that includes lots of magic, mentalism, manipulation and more!

Corporate Events


“Are you aware?”

Our brain receives every day thousands of information, it is impossible for him to treat them all at the same time.

Our attention is a rich and powerful factor to which we have unconsciously fixed limits.

This magic lecture will teach you how to push your limits and put more attention in your projects.

Incredible experiences and tips will be explained and demonstrated by Jad, an expert in the field of attention. You will see how a magician is able to attract, control and above all to divers your attention.

A lecture supported by demonstrations as incredible as they are disconcerting.

This lecture is a great experience to share with your employees as a team building session.